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Project A (1983)

Plot: Dragon (played by Jackie Chan) and his fellow coastguards get told that they no longer coast guards and that their now going to be police officers. Why Are the becoming police officers? Well just as the coast guards were going of to their mission san Po’s (played by Dick Wei) main man cho kou and his men blow up the remaining ships the Admiral had. A meeting then was taking place after that with the Admiral (played by Lau Hak Sen.) and the carnal the admiral tried his best to persuade the carnal that his new project ‘Project A’ would be more successful but the carnal wasn’t going to listen. He had all ready made up his mind that the coast guards are now police. Tai Po (played by Tai Po himself) and some of the men listened to the conversation through the chimney he then told Dragon, Dragon couldn’t do anything thing about it except do what they were told.

On the same day Dragon has a meeting with captain chi and know gets told his new name which is Sergeant Ma he then gets introduced to Inspector Hong Tin Tzu (played by Yuen Biao) who is now his squad leader and would train him and his men. They do many things for their training like how to march, how to be quick and how to handle weapons. After all their hard training they have a meeting about their first mission which was to catch an escaped prisoner Chiang (played by Hon Yee Sang) who is hiding in the Hoover club. They find Chiang and arrest him

As dragon leaves he bumps into Fei (played by the one and only Sammo Hung) Fei is a gambler and a thief and one nearly two games of mahjong but had lost at the last minute with san Pos men talking with him. San pos men were wanting him to do a favor and try and get some police rivals for san Po. Anyway fei and dragon are good friends and discus what fei has to do for San Po. Dragon gets hand cuffed around a poll and the only way he can get out of it is to climb up the poll and jump through the clock tower window. San Po’s men are inside waiting to fight him he ends up hanging from the clock he then falls down through the canopies.

They’re next mission was to save the Admiral (from England) who’s ship got attacked with pirates. The carnal asks Mr Chou to help them. Dragon gets caught sneaking about and then asks the carnal if the coast guards can maybe help. The carnal says it was ok so the coast guards now have they’re jobs back. Dragon finds out that Mr Chou works for san Po. He then goes under cover as Mr Chou finds out were San Po is Gets his men over. Dragon, Fei and Tin Tzu (Inspector Hong) are left to fight San Po…

Review written by Margaret Graham

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