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Police Story 4: First Strike (1996)

Back Cover Contents: Set against a backdrop of the international arms race, Chan portrays a Hong Kong police officer who is contracted by the CIA and a Russian intelligence organization to retrieve a stolen nuclear warhead. From the snow-capped mountains of the Ukraine to a shark-infested water park in Australia, Jackie Pursues a rogue CIA agent. Along the way he is attacked, assaulted, framed for murder and forced to defend himself in a way that only Jackie Chan can. Using spectacular stunts and non-stop hand-to-hand combat, FIRST STRIKE packs more punches than 50 rounds with Ali…

Personal Thoughts: The fourth installment of the Police Story series. Jackie (as himself) now speaking English along with Bill (Bill Tung). Jackie is sent off to the Ukraine mountains in search of Tsui (Jackson Lou), Tsui an top CIA agent. Soon Jackie releases that Tsui isn’t the man he is after. After tracking down Tsui in Australia and finding out the CIA are surveying him, Jackie tells them where to go, now the CIA are him!

Jackie picks up his roll from the past Police Story films. He’s still as loveable as every. Yet his is embarrassed some occasions, being forced to strip naked, to reveal him wearing Koala Y-fronts. When Jackie is put in a top quality hotel suite, he compares himself to James Bond, but he hasn’t any weapons. For this movies being partly a US production Jackie still mange’s to show off his stuff, with use of a ladder, tables, wooden chairs and stilts. Jackie also preformed some dangerous stunts jumping down from one level to another on the outside of a hotel. Jackie shows off his agility and stamina whilst fighting against a group of Alan’s men (Alan being Annies brother), climbing up moving scaffolding, handing from a balcony, also demonstrating some good use of wooden poles. Most of this is caused by Jackie turning against the evil CIA people, then framing Jackie as the murder of Tsui’s father, Uncle Seven (played by Terry Woo).

A let down of this film is May, where’s may? (May is always played by Maggie Cheung as Jackie’s girlfriend and she is always falling into trouble). Yet she is replaced by Tsui little sister, Annie (Chen Chun Wu). Though their isn’t any love interest between Annie and Jackie she still is the leading lady of the piece. Et later on she is soon kidnapped by the CIA agents.

My final thought is off this movie is still showing the sprit of the police story series, sure is rather Americanized, but Jackie still shows off some skill which is still very impressive to watch today. Now that we have heard rumors of a final installment to the Police Story series, but held back because of Jackie’s high schedule and Maggie Cheung is also known to make a re-appearance. But this film will keep you watching it from start to finish, you know what to do…buy it!

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