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Mr. Vampire 2 (1986)


Plot: A small family of vampires are unleashed in Hong Kong after a group antique dealers discover their corpses. Dealer Kwok (Chung Fat) attempts to sell the corpses off to other antique dealers, but his stupid assistant, Chicken (Billy Lau) accidentally awakens the vampires causing all sort of havoc!

Coroner Lin (Lam Ching-Ying) and his son-in-law Gen (Yuen Biao) set out to apprehend this vampires before they claim any victims. Lin first finds out about the vampires after Chicken appears Lin’s chemist looking for a remedy to a vicious bite wound. Lin can tell it is a vampire bite as soon as he see’s it, although Chicken just claims he was biting by a child.

One of the Vampires is a young boy, who escapes after Kwok was traveling to an antique dealer. The young vampire stumbles across a small family. A father (Wu Fong) and his two children.

The children mistake the vampire for an illegal immigrant and decide to shelter and feed it. Finding out that the young vampire is completely harmless.

If things cant get anymore crazy Chicken finds out that his only cure is to get a sample of the vampires blood. Kwok’s other assistant (Fung Lee) is also after the vampire blood after Chicken loosing his temper and biting into him too!

Review: The sequel to 1985s hit movie. Many people find this to be a weak link to the series, due to the action being replaced by a heart warming story…and cool stunts! ha ha

Lam Ching-Ying is great in the movie, no flaws and teaming him up with Yuen Biao is class. Back to the days of the Prodigal Son! We even have Moon Lee giving a guest appearance.

A great piece of dialogue is when Lam Ching-Ying has to mention his past credentials to James Tien to proof he knows what to do when it comes to vampires, here’s his exact speech;

“My master Sammo had Spooky Encounters, Now he’s met the Dead and The Deadly and last year I caught Mr. Vampire. I’m Lin Cheng-Ying”

If you don’t ‘get it’, Spooky Encounters, Mr. Vampire and Dead and The Deadly are all ‘Spooky Comedies’ from Sammo Hung and all starring Lam Ching-Ying too!

Final Thoughts, Awesome film and very underrated!

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