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Lucky Stars Go Places (1986)

The lucky stars reunite again, Hooray!

Kidstuff (Sammo Hung) has been asked from the police to investigate an international ammunition trade that involves two gangs. One is the Japanese underworld society that holds many stolen diamonds, and another he is the mysterious terrorist who owns an enormous amount of ammunition.

Whilst visiting the police station he bumps into on of his friends from the orphanage, Quito (Sylvia Chang). As the two embrace each other in a friendly hug, some passing police officers get the wrong idea and decide to tell her husband, Albert (Karl Maka). Albert refuses to listen to Quito and attempts to battle Kidstuff, this soon leads to some very amusing scenes, including some pepper and tea. Even better when Kidstuff and Quito decide to dine together, but with Albert secretly hiding under their table.

Kidstuff goes to visit his old childhood friends (Eric Tsang, Richard Ng, Stanley Fung & Miu Kiu Wai). Yet the past lucky stars want nothing to do with the police as they are proceeding with a life of crime!

So Kidstuff begins looking for a new group of lucky stars!

First off there is Top Dog (Alan Tam), he’s a natural with dogs, so natural he can actually speak to them. His character has the invariable and innocent look about him, but he is kindhearted. Fat Cat (Kent Cheng) the average lazy cop, who uses his gun and his badge to get his way. Although Kidstuff sways him to join the group by physically throwing money at him. Lambo (Andy Lau) the ass kicking member of the group. His introduction shows him participating in training exercise, where his character shows off some good martial arts and acrobatics. But he has the same faults as the rest of the group…women! Long Legs (Anthony Chan) and Libbogen (Billy Lau) are a couple of wimpy cops who run for the hills at the sight of danger. These two could be passed off as brothers by the similar appearances.

The Lucky Stars group cant be complete with out the piece of eye candy ‘Yum Yum’ (Maria Tung Ling). A master of self defense and disguises. She is hired to teach the Stars everything she knows to them in two-three days.

With out going into detail, Lucky Stars Go Places is silly, funny, humorous, naughty, a good laugh, anything that means the word comedy. This is a well worth a look at if you’re a fan of the Lucky Star films. Even though Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao aren’t in this movie, I don’t really think this would have suited them. But this is some entertaining harmless fun that any fan should enjoy.

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