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High Risk (1995)


Plot: Kit Li (Jet Li), body guard of the international martial arts superstar Frankie Long (Jacky Cheung). What nobody knows that Kit is Frankie’s stunt double since Frank spends more time chasing women and drinking booze instead of practicing martial arts.

Kit in the past worked in the army, yet he left after he was unable to save his wife from a psychotic terrorist dubbed The Doctor.

When attending the shown of a jewellery exhibition, the crazed terrorist group led by The Doctor strike again, but this time Kit and Frankie are there. Kit has no choice but to stop the terrorists with the help of an unlikely group of heroes.

Review: Now there is quite a back story to this movie, when you watch it you can obviously tell this movie is set around Jackie Chan. Wong Jing originally wanted Jackie to take upon this role of Franky Long. But after some disagreements, they hire Jet Li as this secret body double to action star who ‘does all his own stunts’, this is obviously being a cheap shot towards Jackie. If you are a Jackie fan easily notice that two characters are identical to Jackie’s real life Father and Manager.

Now after clearing that up, the movie also strangely resembles the hit action movie ‘Die Hard’, same basic storylines. Quoted as a ‘Chinese Die Hard’ I couldn’t’t complain with Jet Li at the helm. Just don’t expect him to be running around in a white vest saying ‘Welcome to the Party Pal’ or the hit catchphrase ‘Yippy Kai’Ya Mother ……’.

The action in the more is pretty much ‘fast and furious’ with Jet Li and Ben Lam having one heck of spar. I was disappointed that Jet Li never got to go one-on-one with Billy Chow, but hey we can’t have everything. Instead Billy Chow battles Jacky Cheung in an amusing fight sequence.

Chingmy Yau plays a supporting actress in this movie as a snoopy reporter who’s discovered that Frankie Long has a secret body double, so she sneaks in to this jewellery exhibition too to try and expose Frankie. Vincent Kok also makes brief appearances at the start of the movie as Yau’s burly camera man.

Other appearances include Wu Ma as Frankie’s father, Charlie Cho as Frankie’s manager Charlie. Charlie Yeung has role as a member of staff at the hotel that is having constant arguments with her ex-boyfriend Yang Chung-Hsien, a cop who is helping out Kit Li.

Final Thoughts, decent movie, great action, slap-stick comedy and Billy Chow in a thong….wait that isn’t cool!

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