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Heroes Two (1974)


Plot (Momentum Asia): Hung Hsi-Kuan (Chen Kuan-Tai) escapes from the Shaolin monastery that has been burned down by the soldiers of the Ching government. En route to Kwantung, he comes across Fang Shih-Yu (Alexander Fu Sheng), a fellow Shaolin Hero.

The two men, without disclosing their identities, fight each other not realizing that they are on the same side. Believing that Hung is a gangster, Fang delivers him to the enemy before realizing his mistake…

Review: Wow, this is a classic Kung Fu Flick! Chen Kuan-Tai and Fu Sheng are like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood when it comes to Cowboy movies, they rock!

This movie has proved to me how damn cool both Chen Kuan-Tai and Fu Sheng are, both of them can act and throw a punch. Other times I’ve noticed the skills of Chen Kuan-Tai would be his role in Chang Cheh’s ‘Blood Brothers’ where he plays the younger and more reckless brother of David Chiang.

The plot to this story isn’t that complicated either, Hung meets Fang, Fang beats Hung and gives him to the enemy, Fang realizes the mistakes he’s made and finds away to save his fellow brother of Shaolin etc.

As you can expect the action is top notch with Liu Chia-Liang and Tang Chia as ‘fighting instructors’ the action sequences are flawless! Some of the best fights include Fang battling Hung. When Fan attempts to rescue Hung and delivers some hard blows from Che Kang and when Hung escapes from his shackles and gives Che Kang’s henchmen a good old beating. Of course you can expect the final fight to be pretty kick ass too!

Now for people to look out for, we have Shaw regular Fung Hakk-On as one of the Manchu’s henchmen. Lee Hoi-San (another Shaw’s regular) and Lau Kar-Wing make an appearance at the end of the movie as Tibetan Kung Fu Masters. Even a young burly Kent Cheng is a notable extra. Fans of Lo Wei’s ‘Fist Of Fury’ will notice the burly four-eyed samurai teacher playing the role of the Che Kang’s (The Big Boss) right hand man.

Final Thought – a excellent Kung Fu Film, great fights, great music a must buy for any fans of the Shaw Brothers Kung Fu films.

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