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Confession of Pain (2006)


Plot: Police Chief Ching (Tony Leung Chiu-Wai) and Police Officer Bong (Takeshi Kaneshiro) and several other officers perused and arrested a twist rapist at Christmas. Returning home after his shift Bong is horrified to find that his pregnant girlfriend, Rachael (Emma Wong) had committed suicide.

Fast forward three years. Now an alcoholic, Bong left the police force and became a private investigator, he discovered the child Rachael was baring wasn’t his. Ching is now married to Susan (Xu Jing-Lei), the daughter of billionaire Chow.

Susan goes to Bong asking him to invistigate the vicious murder of her father and his butler, Man. She belives that the murder is far more complex that what their being led to believe. Taking the case Bong discovers a far darkerside to Susans family and his murderers.

Review: Confession of Pain was seen as a let down to the public for it being compared to 2002’s Infernal Affairs which took the world be storm.

To me I think Confession was a good attempt, the film was a good change from the recent run of undercover cop movies. The story was strong, an A+ Cast, great soundtrack and some tasty twists too!

Tony Leung was on top form as usual, he’s mastered this subtle air around him, he could change his entire expression by one movement of his eyes. Takeshiro Kaneshiro has a more complicated role, his character is alot more troubled, he handles it well, his popularity is rocketing at this moment, the dude is flawless.

Leading ladies, Xu Jing-Lei does well as the concerned wife, whereas Shu Qi provides the eye candy, but is completely disposably character.

Supporting actors include Chapman To who is branching out on his own, he works well as the comic relief in movies, but in comedy movies. He’s made some mistakes but his roles in Infernal Affairs, Isabella and Men Suddenly in Black the man can still have a succesful career with those achievements. Vincent Wan appears as Chow’s Butler, he does well, he doesn’t have long in the film, but he makes it his own.

The twists to the film work rather well, it wasn’t predictable which is a good thing. The story doesnt seem flawed to me, everything is summed up by the end of the movie.

Final thoughts, don’t compare it to the past, just enjoy it.

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