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Bio Zombie (1998)


Plot: Woody Invincible (Jordan Chan) and his mate Crazy Bee (Sam Lee) are two triad lackey’s who run a bootleg VCD shop in a shopping centre. When picking up their bosses car from the mechanics they accidentally run over a man with a briefcase. When they check to see if the man is alright he plea’s for a soft drink, they find a bottle of juice by his briefcase and give the dying man his last request. Thinking that their thirst quenched buddy has passed on they decide to chuck him in the boot and get back to work.

When trying to make some extra money to pay off their debt’s they decide to steal the dead man’s phone and mug one of the workers at the beauty salon (also stationed in the shopping mall). The beautician, Rolls (Angela Tong) has a hunch that it was Woody and Bee that attacked her so she and her friend Jelly decides to treat the fella’s to some Saki and see if they could coax and answer out of both of them.

During this period the festering corps in the boot of the car has been brought back to life and has feasted on a security guard passing on this virus bringing the dead back to life. There Zombies Baby!

Review: It the past three and half years that I’ve been watching asian movies, I’m sure I’ve never seen a Hong Kong zombie flick. When purchasing a bunch of Wilson Yip movie’s I noticed that he directed to Bio-Zombie, further researched showed that this film had quiet a fan following, rated his second most popular film compared to Sha Po Lang. How could I say no?

When watching the film I was expecting it to be a low budget B-Movie gory zombie flick and hey I wasn’t wrong. Jordan Chan and Sam Lee both showed good on screen chemistry in their troubled friendship. Angela Tong also seemed capable of being a decent female lead even with the strange name ‘Rolls’.

Another side story is of the ‘sushi boy’, Loi (Emotion Cheung) who works in the sushi bar lusts for Rolls, but finds himself being heckled by Woody. But he soon becomes a Zombie, but he turns out to be one of these ‘Zombies with a heart’, where he saves the leading lady and sacrifices himself to save to the others, Aww isn’t that sweet.

There is also the story of the bastard second hand phone guy aka Kui. Kui is basically a pain in the backside and a wimp when under pressure he throws his own with to the zombies to save himself. As you can expect people like him don’t last long in a Zombie flick.

Notable guest appearances are made from Frankie Chin playing a ‘muscular security guard’ from Hakkin called Ox. Lam Suet also makes a cameo appearance as a police officer.

The film does sort of drag at certain points, I was sort of surprised at the bad ending. Now this here is pretty much a spoiler so if you haven’t seen the movie please ignore this paragraph.

When Woody and Rolls makes out of the shopping mall and to a gas station, Woody finds out about the contaminated drink, before he could warn Roll’s she’s just finished having a drink from the infected bottle. Now I thought this was a great twist, now Woody would have to kill Rolls, but instead he just sits down beside her and has a drink as well, Woody just gives up. Then it end’s, what a let down. There is also the alternative ending to the movie where Woody is killed by Rolls at the end, but that ending isn’t really any better.

Okay back to the review, I did find the game spoof’s quite amusing, obviously spoofing the shoot’em game ‘House of the Dead’, in-which both Woody and Bee are playing in store that night. Plus seeing Jordan Chan drilling into a zombie’s skull is also fun. I’ve realized that this movie has had a great cult following by the Zombie Horror fans throughout the world, which is probably the reason it was voted so highly and maybe why it seemed to be a bit of a let down to me.

Overall decent movie, worth a watch and it might give you second thoughts on drinking Lucazade.

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  1. redoood says:

    wilson yip is greatest director film of hong kong and asia.most all of hk movies are good!.

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