S3E1: McEwan’s Headspace Scotch Whisky Beer and Champion Premium Beer

We’re back ! Yes, the lads have returned and for our season premiere will be indulging in some very whisky business indeed. You heard right, this evening we’ll be getting seriously Scotch so remember to set the VCR- this is one you’re going to want to tape ! (C’mon, it wasn’t that bad…you should of heard my butter joke)

Up tonight: It’s the return of the Mac ! We dive deeper into Mighty McEwan’s back catalogue and take a look at their Headspace Scotch Whisky Beer and Champion Premium Beer. Cheers!

S2E7: McEwan’s Export and Bacchus Cherry Beer

It’s match time once again and Lager Logs FC are hitting the pitch with an export-heavy lineup to put even China to shame. Yes, a couple of ailing Scots and a pair of krieky Belgians make our pissed up pour pour two tonight and someone is certainly going to be sent off…what can I say ? The United Nations Senior Sunday League is a dirty game.

Up tonight: We’re most definitely lovin’ it as we tuck into another mighty malty meal with Big MacEwan’s Export and then go roman aimlessly in search of a tenacious trio: agriculture, wine and fertility (I suppose one out of three ain’t bad)…it’s bounteous Baccus’s Cherry Beer. Cheers!