S4E1: Flashback Special- Singha and Trooper Sun & Steel

Did you miss us ? Of course you did ! Buckle up beer-fans, as the boys are back again and kicking the season off with a boozy blast from the past ! I’m concerned, but I’m sure the potential PTSD will be undone by my early-onset ale-zheimer’s…

Up tonight: We’re starving for suds so will happily Singha for our supper, but afterwards, a sobering reminder of what I had to to do when I lost custody of the kids…it’s Trooper Sun & Steel. Cheers!

S3E1: McEwan’s Headspace Scotch Whisky Beer and Champion Premium Beer

We’re back ! Yes, the lads have returned and for our season premiere will be indulging in some very whisky business indeed. You heard right, this evening we’ll be getting seriously Scotch so remember to set the VCR- this is one you’re going to want to tape ! (C’mon, it wasn’t that bad…you should of heard my butter joke)

Up tonight: It’s the return of the Mac ! We dive deeper into Mighty McEwan’s back catalogue and take a look at their Headspace Scotch Whisky Beer and Champion Premium Beer. Cheers!