S1E2: Greene King IPA Reserve and Hoegaarden Wheat Beer

Here we are. The sequel no one asked for…yes, I am talking about my Uncle No one (he’s from Cancún) this one’s for you big guy !

Due to the law of diminishing returns you’re guaranteed to have at least 25 percent less fun with this one or your megabits per second returned back for a full refund. We’ve change the plot a tad, brought back the characters you know and love but somehow it all smells a bit ‘been here, done that’…not to worry that’s just my cottage pie in the oven.

Up tonight: British institution Greene King’s IPA Reserve and a little bit of Dutch courage- wheat beer Hoegaarden. Cheers !


Alright troops! Episode 2 of the Lager Logs drops this Friday, why not have a drink alongside us? HERE’S THE BEERS! We will be sampling; Greene King IPA Reserve (£1.49 Home Bargains) and Hoegaarden Wheat Beer (also Home Bargains, but also ASDA and LIDL) – Cheers!

S1E1: Chang Classic Beer and Trooper Premium British Beer

Rejoice ! Beer drinkers of the world unite- the very first episode of The Lager Logs: Pints of View with Tom and Stoo is here to just possibly save the universe. Like drinking ? Like podcasts ? Ever seen two naked men wrestle in front of a roaring fireplace in a passionate display of platonic man-love?…Well, 2 outta 3 ain’t bad.

Tune in as we discuss hard-hitting, explosive topics such as what is this foamy, fizzy thing in my glass? Is it ever OK to wear the same pair of pants 5 days in a row? Why am I like this? Do you think it’s something to do with my upbringing? And plenty more. Look, we got a whole case of bumper brewski fun so why not join us for lock-in at your new local…

Up tonight: Beast from the far east, Chang and beast from the number, Iron Maiden’s own Trooper. Cheers !

THE LAGER LOGS EP1 arrives on Friday!

Pints of view with Tom and Stoo officially launches this week. So, do yourself a favour, get the beers in & join us for a drink this Friday! What are we drinking? Here’s your shopping list pal!:

First up we’re drinking CHANG CLASSIC BEER (£0.79) from @homebargains

Secondly we’re sampling TROOPER PREMIUM BRITISH BEER (£1.65) from @Morrisons

We look forward to you tuning in and having a cold one with your new pals 😉