S4E4: Stout Jock Imperial Barrel Aged and Interview with David McGowan

We shoot, we score…with another all-Scots lineup to rival Leeds United’s 1975 European Cup Final Squad (What’s that you say ? You DON’T get that reference ? Screw you…My Dad did.) With such a magnificent match on our hands, it all seems very likely to end in a braw when the thistle blows.

Up tonight: We Twist and Stout and work it on out with our persuasive pal Jock and then your favourite old dogs are Brought a new trick…we catch up with the deific and divine David McGowan (his turning water into ale manoeuvre has to be seen to be beer-lieved) Cheers !

S4E3: Vault City Iron Brew Sour and Interview with Geoff from the Brewgooders

What a bunch of tossers ! Yes, it’s time to join your favourite lagered-up laggers for another game of hop-Scotch as we skip through a Caledonian combination of craft beer and cross-examination ! What have we done to deserve this you say ? I dunno, but next time I hope to get off Scot-free…

Up tonight: We add a little orange to the blue and white (ONE of your five-a-day ain’t bad I suppose) with Vault City’s Iron Brew Sour and then we completely forget to discuss his tea-making skills, it’s Geoff from the Brewgooders. Cheers !

S4E2: Thornbridge’s Jaipur and Interview with Mike Garrett

Freedom ! After years of being cooped-up, your cavalier co-hosts are released back into the wild, and this time we’re bringing the burliest names in beer along for the ride ! Man, it’s so good to finally be in the outside world again…be a dear and and overlook the fact we forgot our house-training will ya ? (Our guests did)

Up tonight: We Thorn-bridge the gap between our longing livers and juicy Jaipur, then enjoy a malty mingle with mon ami Mike Garrett…magic ! Cheers !

S4E1: Flashback Special- Singha and Trooper Sun & Steel

Did you miss us ? Of course you did ! Buckle up beer-fans, as the boys are back again and kicking the season off with a boozy blast from the past ! I’m concerned, but I’m sure the potential PTSD will be undone by my early-onset ale-zheimer’s…

Up tonight: We’re starving for suds so will happily Singha for our supper, but afterwards, a sobering reminder of what I had to to do when I lost custody of the kids…it’s Trooper Sun & Steel. Cheers!

The Lager Logs Valentine’s Day Special: Best of British Beer

Beer my Valentine ? The lads with the logs commemorate love day with an obst-ale-cle course through the best Britain has to offer ! Patriotism or alcoholism ? Such a fine line…but less about my brief stint waxing for that São Paulo salon.

Up tonight: We expect a spanking with our initiation into the Best of British Beer’s 6 Pack Craft Beer Club but only go and paddle ourselves…new shorts please ! Cheers!

If you fancy trying the ‘3 Month – 6 Pack Craft Beer Club’ for yourself, here’s the link: Click hereenter lagerlogs at the checkout and receive a 10% discount !

The Lager Yule-Logs Christmas Special

With a rapidly-expanding waistline, my bank account in minus figures and more white stuff on the ground than a Studio 54 bathroom stall, I have a hunch the holidays are here again…so I guess it’s time for a little festive fun, as we bring you a couple of Noël numbers certain to leave our livers in mistle-woe.

Up tonight: Your nectar-knights storm the Castle in search of Eden’s Christmas Ale, but are Brought-on to their knees by sword-swinging Santa’s Stout. Cheers!

S3E8: Edinburgh Beer Factory’s Paolozzi Lager and Cold Town Beer’s Proud As Helles

That’s it- 3 strikes and we’re out ! Yes, it’s the end of another exceedingly fair to middling season for the The Logs Angeles Dodgers. You can blame it on the team as a whole but it’s all the fault of that pitcher…we’ve always worked better with pints.

Up tonight: The lads ‘Ed in to the Burgh for a couple in the capital…it’s the Beer Factory’s Paolozzi Lager then Cold Town Beer’s Proud as Helles. Cheers!