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Tag: Japanese Cinema

Fine, Totally Fine (2008)


Plot: When rapidly approaching his 30th birthday under-achieving prankster Teruo (Yosiyosi Arakawa) shows aspiration of building the ultimate Haunted House one day. Although his dream plan grinds to a stop when his ill father suddenly disappears leaving him in-charge of  the families second hand bookshop.

Teruo’s childhood friend Hisanobu (Yoshinori Okada) helps him out by introducing him to a lovely and very accident prone young artist Akari (Yoshino Kimura). Akari works with Teruo in the shop, soon Tersuo finds himself falling for Akari and he discovers that Hisanobu has very strong feelings for our artist.

But who has Akari got feelings for? Read More

Japan On Fire 3: Samurai cinema (Chambara)

It may be the third but not the last JOF as Ken once again host a fun-filled episode where the trio discuss samurai movies. Don’t expect any refined opinions though on The Twilight Samurai and Samurai Commando. We’re not scholars. DO NOTE THAT SPOILERS FOR THE TWILIGHT SAMURAI ARE DISCUSSED BETWEEN 00:58:50 AND 01:02:28. Adam Torel also stops by for a visit to share his thoughts on the genre. Some technical issues resulted in the latter half of the show being noticeable lower on Ken and Mike’s end while Stoo is very loud and Ken’s chat with Adam for some reason has an echo on it. Don’t hate us.

Battle Royale 2 (2003)


3 years after the third Battle Royale, surviving students Nanahara Shuya (Tatsuya Fujiwara) has become the leader of a leading Anti-Battle Royale terrorist group. Although the ‘adults’ have come up with a new Battle Royale, version 2. In this act a group of rebellious students will be sent to the island where Nanahara is hiding out and the students are given three days to eliminate Nanahara Shuya.

Now the lucky students chosen for this years Battle Royale is a class of 42. The school is for students who are orphan, rebels or truants. One of the main class members are Takuma Aoi (Shûgo Oshinari), aka Taku. The also recently had gotten a transfer student, Shiori Kitano (Ai Maeda). You’ve guessed it, Shiori is the daughter of Takeshi Kitano…Nanahara’s teacher. She has signed herself up for the Battle Royale Act along with the school students, now she has only one ambition, kill Nanahara.

With all these twists and turns in BR2 will the students kill or be killed? Read More

The Audition (1999)


The Audition seemed to be another cheesy romantic film, Husband looses his wife, Son suggests he gets a new wife, he holds an audition for a new wife, finds one. She cuts of one of his feet and turns him in to a human pin cushion. Yes Takashi Miike strikes again with his ’99 hit film “The Audition” Read More