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Tag: Goemon

Goemon’ buy the DVD this August!

You like these puns!? Anyway. After Goemons limited Cinema release, Momentum Pictures have now announced that Goemon is set for a August 16th (remember, my birthday 13th August, all orders will be accepted 😀 ) release on DVD (No word on BR at this time). Extra features include: Interview with Kazuaki Kiriya, Making of Goemon, Making of a digital world and Trailer. Also check out the artwork after the jump (it looks kick ass!) Read More

Goemon dazzling Selected Cinemas!

Casshern director Kazuaki Kiriya has returned with visually stunning Goemon. Momentum  Pictures noticed this and are now planning a UK release for “Selected Cinemas”, boo. For the lucky “Selected” people will be released on 23rd July 2010! So this is obviously leading to a UK DVD/BL release later this summer. If you aren’t familiar with Goemon or Casshern, here’s the best 4 minutes out of the 142.

Podcast On Fire 49: Collecting, buying, watching… which category are you?


Adam Torel of Third Window Films join the trio after a barrage of heat and films at the Cannes Film Festival to talk of impressions of Thirst, the new film from Chan Wook-Park. Him AND Ken weigh in on the Casshern-war and issues of collecting limited editions, out of print dvd’s etc. gets a discussion where YOU the listener might finally find out if you’re insane, a collector or somewhere in between. The discussion doesn’t end just because the plugging starts either. Remember that.

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