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Tag: Eric Kot

Dragon Heat (2000)

The story of a friendship between a bald women and a man called Tomo-Chan (Eric Kot). The story focuses on the developing relationship between the leading actress and Tomo. As well as their past stories. That’s the plot.

Thoughts…the film pretty much blows. I feel that Eric Kot is attempting to make an Art House / Cult film. Although with the dialogue being repeated over and over becomes very boring and quite annoying. The picture quality also rapidly changes, it goes from normal, to black and white, to the quality of a pirate video, to just multi-changing colors. Read More

Feel 100% (1996)

Jerry (Ekin Cheng), Cherrie (Sammi Cheng) and Hui-Lok (Eric Kot) are three high school buddys. After high school people go their own ways, yet a couple years later Cherrie is reunited with her buddies. Cherrie finds out that she has feelings for Jerry but it too shy to speak up because he’s currently smiting with Fong-Fong (Gigi Leung).

Hui-Lok doesn’t seem happy in his relationship Michelle Wong’s character ‘Man-Yi’ and he soon finds out he has a secret admiring telephoning him. Which leads him to some very bizarre tales when he meets her in person and ends up knocking boots with her in a cemetery whilst wrapped up in duck tape.

Then the usual things happen, Cherrie stops loving Jerry, Jerry stops loving Fong-Fong, the usual yad-yad when it comes to romantic flicks. Read More