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Tag: 2001

Say Yes (2001)

In celebrating their one year wedding anniversary, Jyung-Hyun (Kim Ju-Hyuk) & his wife Yoon-Hee (Chu Sang-Mi) decide to leave the city for a road trip across the countryside. On their travels they meet a stranger (Park Joong-Hoon) and offer him a ride. After a rather unsettling conversation the stranger leaves the couple, but begins to reappear everywhere the couple go and situations take a drastic turn of events when the stranger sends a message to Jyung-Hyun. Read More

My Wife is a Gangster (2001)


Chu Eun-Jin (Shin Eun-Kyung) is the right hand women to one of Korea’s most deadly gangs is now getting married to a simple officer worker as wished by her dying sister, Chu Yu-Jin. Doesn’t sounds like your average film does it?

Eun-Jin aka The Mantis is filling her bosses place whilst he is away on business. She is currently dealing with another rival gang, “White Shark”.

Eun-Jin attempts to find a husband but strangely enough a civil servant finds her! Kang Soo-il (Park Sang-Myeon) throws his head into the firing line of a concrete block, saving Eun-Jin. Now you think Eun-Jin would have fallen in love with Soo-il after he saved her, don’t you? Well no, she just marries him and refuses to any further. Um….until Yu-Jin asks Eun-jin to bare her a child!

I’ll stop there. Yes I don’t want to give away the whole story. Eun-Jin isn’t the only character in the movie. She has her own set of muscle too. Read More

My Sassy Girl (2001)

Gyeon-Woo is a hopeless student who has his world flipped upside down when he meets a young women one night. Gyeon-Woo had saved the girl from being struck by a train, the girls was standing to close to the edge and was obviously drunk. When boarding on the train, things go from bad to worse. From the girl throwing up over an old man to Gyeon-Woo being flung in jail with a group of bloody gangsters.

This is only really the start of his problems, when released from the cells, Gyeon-Woo receives a phone call from the girl ordering him to meet up with her at once. She turns out to be quite wicked girl, telling Gyeon-Woo what he shall eat and drink…if he disagrees with her, he dies. Well in her own words “You wanna die?”.

Gyeon-Woo begins dating this crazy girl, he mentions when she isn’t drunk she is his perfect type of woman. Although she insists that she must be kept happy at all times, if not she will become a rain of bad luck to him. Read More

Friend (2001)


The story is of four friends and how they deal with drugs, gangs and maintaining their friendships between them, no matter what lifestyle they live. The film develops in different stages, the film starting in 1970 then leading up to the early 90’s.

Joong-Suk (Yoo Oh-Sung) in the 80’s was known far and wide as the schools boss. Their number one fighter. Joong-Suk’s father is also a superior to the local gangsters. Through the stages in his life we see how he changes. From fighting rival schools, attempting to give up drugs. We even see him getting a word of warning from his past gang…

Dong-Su (Jang Dong-Gun) is the son of an undertaker. He helps his father groom corpses. When in high school he was always hanging around with Joong-Suk since he was the schools 2nd best fighter.

This seems to give his character a bit of an edge. After being released from prison in 90’s Dong-Su is taken in by a rival gang against Joong-Suk. Believing that Loyalty is money…

Joong-Ho (Jeong Un-Taek) seems to be a charming character with some dirty habits (aka the milk lotion story). He’s mother was a business women who went back and forth from Korea to Japan. So she always came back with the latest gadgets, like one of the very first video recorders, even with porn. He was also a big Bruce Lee fan, you even seem him sporting a pair of nunchucks!

Sang-taek (Seo Tae-Hwa) is the innocence of the film. Sang-Taek was sent to a different school from Joong-Suk & Dong-Su. He is well educated and smart. He lost contact with Joong-Suk & Dong-Su, but he seen Joong-Ho frequently. But Sang-Taek seems to be best friends with Joong-Suk as the years progress.

With all the guys in this film, surely there must be some eye candy!

Jin-Sook (Kim Bo-Kyeong) is a cousin of Drocko. She preformed in front of the school in a 7 girl band called ‘Rainbow’. Instantly she attracted the every guy in the crowd with her 80’s hair cut and slim figure. In later years she becomes the wife of Joon-Suk, although he seems to mistreat her, this is through his stage of limbo…

Final thoughts? Beautiful, just perfect. The film has many elements to it. The innocence of The Road Home, the darkness of Infernal Affairs, mixed with Beat Takeshi’s Brother. The film is amazing, everyone should watch this. I done the stupid thing and left it lying around for a couple weeks before watching it. When you get this film, stop your live for 1 hour and 58 minutes and enjoy…

Rush Hour 2 (2001)


Everyone’s favorite crime fighting odd couple are back, this time travel from Hong Kong and Las Vegas.

Chief Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) and LAPD detective James Carter (Chris Tucker) pick up exactly from where they left off, traveling to Hong Kong on a well needed break. As per usual Carter and Lee aren’t getting along, Carter wanting example to some Hong Kong’s delights, mainly its women. Lee being dedicated to his work leads both he and Carter into a money smuggling ring, where $100 bills are being made and shipped directly to Las Vegas.

The head of this smuggling ring is Ricky Tan (John Lone), being a former police officer and the partner of Lee’s father and it soon turns out to that Ricky was his murder, making this case very personal for Lee… Read More

Running Out of Time 2 (2001)


Inspector Ho (Lau Ching-Wan) has led the normal cops life after the events from the first movie. One day he is called to a building roof top when there warning that a man is about to jump. When Ho arrives one of his colleagues, Ken (Lam Suet) is talking with the jumper. The Jumper (Ekin Cheng) has manipulated Ken into playing a game of ‘Heads or Tails’, but Ken is like a broken record by continually repeating the answer “Heads”. Strangely enough its always a “Tails”.

The mystery jumper soon grows bored with both Ken and Ho. the mystery man suddenly dives off of the building, lighting smoke flares as he jumped. When he lands on the giant crash mat at the bottom, he’s no where to be found. Ho soon tracks him down, as each rubbish bin he passed, he left smoke flares in each.

The mystery man states that he has stole 3 very valuable piece of art, which are worth over five million dollars. Ho is intrigued and sets of the rules between him and the thief. If Ho mange’s to get him to the police station, Ho wins and the thief is under arrest. If the thief gets away, they’ll continue chasing each other.

Unsurprisingly enough, the thief escapes. But he leaves clues behind for Ho catch up. The story soon unveils to show that the thief is after 10 million dollar ransom and he wants Ho to deliver it… Read More

Musa (2001)

Plot: A group of diplomats sent out into Northern China, the group are soon led into a trap by the Mings. They have their weapons taken from them and were accused of betraying the Mings. They abandon the group in the middle of the desert ruled by Yuan troops and left for dead.

The group decide they have to fight their way back to Korea. As the Korean diplomats are killed in battle or by their travels. A determined yet stern leader, Choi Jung (Ji Jin-Mo), decides that the men must be pushed and they will get them back to Korea. He drives the men through the desert, each of them begin to group like flies, either die of exhaustion, dehydration and have fought to the death.

Among the Koreans is the dying Lee Jee-Hun, an elder who travels with his slave Yoh-Sol (Jung Woo-Sung), but the other Koreans still treat him as a slave although Yoh-Sol is highly skilled in the use of the spear…

Jinlip (Ahn Sung-Ki) another member of the diplomats. He seems to be the voice of reason between the General and the slaves. Jinlip also turns out to be a highly skilled archer, experienced in archery and in war. Ganam (Park Jeong-hak) is a loyal warrior of Choi Jung’s, equiped with a massive broad sword, he seems unstoppable.

The group comes across a troop of Yuans who have captured the Ming princess Pu Yong (Zhang Ziyi). The group saves the princess from the Yuan General, Rambulhua (Yu Rong-Guang). The Yuans retreat after a fierce battle for the princess. But the General makes a blood promise to return the princess to the Ming camp… Read More