FAS220 – IMDb Season #169 The Deer Hunter (1978)

Evening folks! This week Stoo and Andy discuss the passing of Joe Pilato, do the Film Quiz and discuss The Deer Hunter. Cheers! #TheDeerHunter #IMDb250

EP 193 – 90s SEASON – Jackie Brown (1998)

Stoo and Magic Mike climb into the trunk as our 90’s reaches 1997! We take the opportunity to cover another Tarantino joint with JACKIE BROWN! » Read more

EP 191 – 90’s SEASON – Heat (1995) and Toy Story (1995)

Magic Mike discusses HEAT whilst Stoo talks TOY STORY. Patreon Subscribers can look forward to an additional 30 minutes with discussions on What to Expect from SDCC, Michael Manns directing career, Ghostbusters, extra Trivia and mare!

EP 186 – 90s SEASON – Backdraft (1991)

Stoo and Mike return for the second instalment of 90’s SEASON with 1991’s BACKDRAFT from director Ron Howard. » Read more

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