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Japan On Fire 14: Mamoru Oshii – The Red Spectacles & Patlabor

Kenny B and special guest Coffin Jon from VCinema continue their exploration of Mamoru Oshii and after quiet, surreal and religious anime in part 1 comes live action (anime) and a leap from the small screen to the big. Therefore we are reviewing The Red Spectacles (1987) and Patlabor (1989) in this episode.  Surrealism, absurdism and religious imagery is in need to be judged and the results are surprisingly favourable.

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Running times:
00m 00s – Intro/The Red Spectacles Review
63m 10s – Patlabor The Movie Review

Show Links:
Sleazy K’s Video
Japan On Fire 6-1: Mamoru Oshii – Angel’s Egg (1985)
Instacast for iPhone

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