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Yakuza Eiga – The history of yakuza cinema (Documentary 2008)

It’s not all fictional entertainment but edutainment to if you will and Stoo had the pleasure to watch the French documentary Yakuza Eiga at the 2010 Terracotta Far East Film Festival. His thoughts below:

Yakuza Eiga is a one hour documentary that follows the history of the Japanese underworld brotherhoods. French director Yves Montmayeur (In The Mood For Doyle) interviews most of Japan’s leading Yakuza movie stars, writers, directors and a legitimate Yakuza bang boss! Among the interview subjects we find Sonny Chiba, directors Takashi Miike, Takeshi Kitano and the Kinji Fukasaku

There’s shocking true tales and we see plenty if vicious clips from several movies from the mid seventies. Many interesting movies have therefore been brought to my attention such as Sympathy for the Underdog, Cherry Blossom Fire Gang and the Battles without Honour and Humanity series. I won’t go onto explain much more, but if you find this informative and enlightening, gem I highly recommended it to anyone with an interest in Japanese genre cinema.

[Ed. Note; Podcast on Fire travel to various Festivals across the United Kingdom to provide reviews for our audience. We would like to thank Terracotta Far East Film Festival for their valuable time and effort put into this festival and support for Podcast on Fire]

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