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Tai Chi Master (1993)

Plot: When two monks are expelled from Shaolin Temple, having been in the temple since they were children they find the world outside the temple very different. Zhang Jun-Bao (Jet Li) is young and naive, where as his kung fu brother (not blood) Dong Tian-Bao (Chin Siu-Ho) strives for success at any costs.

When trying to adjust to their new lives they befriend a female pickpocket named Little Melon (Fennie Yuen). She introduces them to a group of antigovernment rebels, which include a bunch of towns people, a crazy taoist priest and a broken hearted young woman.

Jin Bao tries to help out the woman, Qiulin (Michelle Yeoh). Her husband had left her for the emperors sister. Jun-Bao assists her in stopping her nasty habits of heavy drinking.

Jun-Bao joins the rebels, whereas the power hungry Tian-Bao joins the Emperors forces, hoping to make rank as a General and maybe one day become a Eunuch, Master Liu. After defeating a group of the emperors troops, they are pleased to see that Tian-Bo is still helping them out. He helps the Jun-Bao and the rebel troops to devise a plan to kill the emperor.

When carrying out the plan, everything seems to going to plan until they are ambushed by an army of the emperors spear wielding troops. Betrayed by Tian-Bao, Jun-Bao flees with the few remaining rebels. But now the Emperor has both Little Melon and Qiulin. With betrayal of his friends Master Liu makes Tian-Bao a Royal Lieutenant.

Now shamed by his peers and betrayed by his best friend Jun-Bo decides it’s up to him save his friends from the evil Tian-Bao.

Review: Possibly one of my favorite Jet Li/Yuen Woo-Ping movies. The film has a great mixture of new wave wire-fu kung fu brawls and lots of ‘Laugh Out Loud’ comedy.

The film has a great cast; Jet Li is great as most already know, Chin Siu-Ho makes a great enemy, Yuen Cheung-Yan is beaten for laughs and boy is it funny. Michelle Yeoh also provides as another excellent leading player!

The action consists of lots of heavy over-the-top wire work, which is rather good, some people who hate the use of wires in the movie would probably be raving about it until the cows come home.

Over all I think this is a brilliant movie! I love every minute of it!

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  1. tonsofun says:

    i found this film very enjoyable too. nothing fancy just good clean fun 🙂

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