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Geisha Assassin (2009)

Geisha Assassin is the blood soaked ballad of Kotono, a Geisha, who is avenging the death of her father by assassinating his finest student. That’s it, plot done.

Although the with the running time being one hour and sixteen minutes, the movie does have MORE content. In order for our lead Konoto (played by Minami Tsukui) to reach the killer she must fight several cookie and crazy bad guys in true video game style!

It has became apparent that low budge bloody gore movies have became popular once again in Japan, possibly Quintin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez maybe have revived the genre with “Grindhouse” or it’s also quite possible that VCinema (Japanese Video Cinema, which is basically their version of Straight to DVD Movies); Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police has reignited the trend, but now we’re inundated with Samurai Princess’s, Robo Gieshas and I’m easily put off by low budget Japanese Gore movies, if it looks like crap, I won’t touch it, heck I’ve not even given any attention to the popular ones!

Geisha Assassin is a decent film, I encourage you to rent the movie if you have shown any interest in this movie at all. It’s a fun slasher. End of story.

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