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Danny the Dog (2005)

Plot: Glasgow gangster Bart (Bob Hoskins) is one of the deadliest debt collectors in town, do you know why? He has his own enforcer – Danny (Jet Li).

When customers refuse to pay Bart, Bart unleashes Danny and Danny would beat everyone one to death until his master tells him to stop. But recently Danny seems a little off and is proving less and less helpful to Bart as he’s failed to help him in some sticky situations.

One day Bart is approached by a man inviting him to a underground fight club, if you win your first fight you get fifteen thousand, for your second fight – twenty thousand, the only rule is all fights are to the death! Bart is over whelmed with this since his little Danny is quite the killing machine.

Danny wins his first fight in a matter of seconds, easy money.

When leaving the club Bart and Danny are nearly killed in a car crash, deliberately done from a victim of Danny’s beatings. The car is then showered down with a hail of bullets. From the looks of things Danny is the only person that has survived..

Danny runs away and ends up in Antique Warehouse where he had met a blind piano tuner called Sam (Morgan Freeman). Danny ends up back at Sam’s house after collapsing in the warehouse.

Now with his new sense of freedom Danny gets a new view of life, the better side. Sam’s stepdaughter – Victoria (Kerry Condon) also takes a liking to their new friend. Danny slowly adapts to his new life and begins to feel at home.

Yet one day when he’s out at the local shops he discovers that Bart is still alive and is very eager to get his hands back on his little Danny…

Review: Wow, this movie blew me away, from the opening scenes to the closing shot. Jet Li oozed so much emotion it felt like a slap in the face, it shocked me and amazed me at the same time.

After the closing shot of the movie I felt that Jet Li’s acting ability was taken to a further level, Now I want to see Jet handle more serious drama, maybe even a triad thriller!

The action? We’ll Yuen Woo-Ping unleashes the ferocious side of Jet Li in his opening fight scene. There is some wire use, but it doesn’t spoil the action, the brawl between Jet and underground fighters was gritty and great! Jet shows off his skills in a final duel between a muscular man in a white robe wielding one big-ass knife! Yuen Woo-Ping doesn’t let us down.

Acting? What can I say? Morgan Freeman was flawless, Kerry Condon was a pleasing fresh face and Hoskins, he was fab a real gritty side to his memorable ‘Who killed Roger Rabbit’ persona.

I quite liked the continuing story of Jet Li’s fascination of Piano’s. But I don’t want to give away too much of the story.

Final Thoughts – The best Jet Li film outside of Asia! Superb!

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