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Young and Dangerous (1996)

Personal Thought: Spawned from the ever so popular manga comic’s is the story of a group of rebellious teenagers who decide to choose the bad way to life. The consists of; Chan Ho-Nam (Ekin Cheng), Chicken (Jordan Chan), Pou-Pan (Jerry Lamb), Chou-Pan (played by Jason Chu) and Dan Tin Yee (Michael Tse).

After the strong beating by the leader of the group, Kwan (Francis Ng), Chan Ho-Nam and his friends decides to follow Brother Bee of the Hing Hung group (aka The Triads). Ten Years on Ho-Nam and his friends are a force not to be reckoned with, because they are the young and dangerous!

Ho-Nam is the leader of the group, he has the cool, slick leader look about him too and the trademark Ekin Cheng long hair. Ho-Nam seems to be a reasonable guy, who helps the good and takes out the bad! He also enjoys a good laugh with his boys, tricking Smartie (by Gigi Lai) and forcing her to eat buns, because she stole Nams car. But he also showed his caring side when he saved her from being forced into starring in a blue movie. Yet everything goes wrong for the poor fella, getting drugged, ends up sleeping with Chickens girlfriend, forced to go through the Hing Hung gauntlet, having burning incense forced into his chest.

Mr. Multicolor hair sex maniac, yes its Chicken! Chicken claims to be brother of Nam, I don’t know if it blood relation or as triads. An amusing scene with Chicken and his girlfriends father. Also on the opening of the film where he is stuck in a lift with a priest (played by Spencer Lam). When the Nam and his gang go to Maccau and Chicken stumbles across a Penthouse Model and a pair of Twins. After the night of his life, Chicken realizes that he’s late for the job, that him and the rest of Hing Hung were there to do. Yet by the time Chick arrives he realizes that all hell had broke loose.

The Pan brothers are another strong point in the Young and Dangerous Gang. Although he seems to be the more childish brother, with him spending his time nose in Manga Comics and brightly colored clothes and his love of free food on their cruise trip! Chou-Pan, the rather lucky, but un-lucky brother. Lucky because he managed to win $10,000 on a scratch card and on the Unlucky because he managed to get left behind during a gang attack on the Maccau bridge. His brother presumes him dead and so do I, although…his the actor who player his character (Jason Chu) appears in many of the young and dangerous sequels.

Now the leading lady, Smarty! She’s a nifty little women, who’s plagued with the worst oral speech problem yet, the stammer. On many occasions members of the Y&D gang make fun of her. Although after embarrassing her older brother, he attempts to force her into the porn industry in a movie entitled ‘Hot Bitch’. Although a thoughtful Nam steps in and saves the day claiming to her boyfriend. Now she holds him to his word and begins dating him.

We’ve discussed the guys, the girl and the plain Evil! Kwan, Nam has held a grudge against Kwan from the day they met. But so has Kwan after Nam refusing to work for him. So this pisses off Kwan which leads him to these horrible things; drug Nam and Chickens girl friend and film them having sex, burring Uncle Bee’s wife and children, Paying off the chairman of the Hing Hung Gang. But he gets his own giving to him…from a priest and a traffic warden?! Yeah…you need to watch it.

My thoughts on the film is clear. The film has many elements which made it successful; young and talented actors, good action and dramatic sequences, also this is Andrew Lau at a highlight in his directing career. So this is a recommendation for any Ekin Cheng, Triad movie fans all round. Well this film must have been popular in Hong Kong, cause look at the sequels! 1, 2 & 3 were all filmed in 1996. Now that’s dedication. Well that about wraps things up here. Look out soon for more young and dangerous reviews!

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    1.Can you give the top ten movies of all time? Which movies is the best, actions or story or what?

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