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The Red Wolf (1995)

Plot: Luxury Cruise security officer Alan finds himself setting out on a cruise with his brother, head of security David. David is on a belated honeymoon with his wife and daughter. The newly weds wanting their privacy leaves their young daughter in the hands of Alan. Alan then meets this charming yet clumsy female pickpocket called Lai (Christy Chung).

Alan catches her in the act, but he holds himself back when bigger problems arise. It turns out that a majority of the crew and entertainment on the ship are actually terrorists, led by the first officer (Colin Chou).

Now it’s time for Alan to protect the passengers, his niece, the charming pickpocket and Whoop the terrorists ass all in one evening.

Review: If you had to sum up Red Wolf in a sentence I think this works pretty well. It’s Die Hard meets Under Siege, mix it with City Hunter, put it in the oven for 92 min’s and BAMB! Red Wolf is served.

Now this movie isn’t the cream of the crop when it comes to originality, you can tell it’s been influenced by the oh-so popular American as well as asian action gun play movies. So Yuen Woo-Ping doesn’t score any points for originality in the story department, but thankfully the action picks it up.

The action in the movie quite entertaining, both Kenny Ho and Colin Chou can deliver/take a fare dose of kicks. Both of them aren’t afraid of the odd tricky stunt too. The movie even throws in some comical fight scenes which are actually rather creative good examples include the bought between Bobby Samuel’s and Kenny Ho by the Jacuzzi. The other fight is between Kenny and Colin in some sort of engine room where Kenny has tied an large electric cable to the pipe, lacing all the pipes in the room with electricity, Kenny wearing a raincoat and rubber gloves is untouchable and Colin Chou is on the receive end of the voltage.

Notable appearances, during Christy Chung’s introduction we get a brief appearance from the movies action director Yuen Cheung-Yan. Later into the movie we get a few appearances from screen legend Wu Fong. Composer Michael Lai also makes a short appearance too as the host at the New Years Bash.

Final thought, Red Wolf is an entertaining modern-day action piece which is a good way to spend 90 minutes; it’s nothing ground breaking, but it’s worth a watch. Enjoy!

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