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The Mummy, Aged 19 (2002)

Plot (Mei Ah): Tommy Luke (Chui Tien-You) applies to be the security of a mysterious villa, he asks his friends Nam (Wong Yue-Nam) and Pricilla (Tiffany Lee) to go with him. They discover that there is a thousand year old Egyptian Mummy placed under the basement. Tommy breaks the mummy accidentally. From the day after, Tommy recognizes that his body is being dried off and is turning into a mummy.

Review: Okay, well if you compare my plot to the actual VCD plot you’ll notice their different. I’ve fixed mines so the grammer makes sense and the characters are right. For some reason the VCD case mistakes Wong Yue-Nam to be the mummy rather than Chui Tien-You and the characters mentioned all in their real names rather than their characters, well expect for Tiffany Lee who is credited as her character Pricilla. Silly Mei Ah!

Whilst working my way through Wilson Yip’s movies, I came across the VCD of Mummy Aged 19, I had instant flash backs of Yip’s much loved “Bio-Zombies” starring Jordan Chan & Sam Lee, both semi-popular actors at the time. Wilson seems to re-use the formula for this picture by having fresh faced young actors as the leads of the movie. I was first introduced to both Wong Nam-Yue and Tsui Tin-Yau in Pang Ho-Cheung’s “AV”, they were also known in Hong Kong as two members of Canto-Pop Group “Shine”. The leading lady of the piece is new-comer Tiffany Lee, I haven’t seen any movies with her in the past and she seemed alright in this movie, no real flaws.

Watching the movie it was obviously not going to be like Bio-Zombie, it did have a slight commercial feel around it but it didn’t spoil the atmosphere it had created. But the only problem is that I found it didn’t have enough power to keep me watching throughout, it some what dragged around the middle. Heck the film does have some good scenes, it was a fun watch, you can’t help but feel sorry for Tsui Tin-Yau’s character Tommy Luke, his family are just as embarrassing as his birth name (BoBo).

Notable appearances, the guest appearance that stands out the most is Chapman To’s as a police officer that pulls over the family. Wyman Wong, (who I at first mistaken for Eric Kot, well until he spoke) as the loved up priest, there is also a nice little exorcist spoof thrown in too. Joe Lee, to whom I never recognized the only film I knew him from was Bullets over Summer, he returns in this flick with a pyramid shaped hair cut! Also Hui Siu-Hung and Yuen King-Tan provide the role’s of ‘Tommy Lukes’ oh so embarrassing parents.

Final thoughts? A harmless horror-comedy, there is worse ways to spend 90 minutes – Dynamite Brothers for example! Enjoy!

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