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Re-Cycle (2006)


Plot (Universe): Chu Xun (Angelica Lee) is a young writer whose first novel has become the best seller in Southeast Asia. “Re-Cycle” is her next book. It deals with the supernatural forces. Every reader anticipates the publication of her new book “Re-Cycle”, since all of them believe that her writings can bring impact to them.

Ever since she starts writing “Re-Cycle”, various weird incidents emerge. Later on, she finds out that the heroine of her new book as come out of the fictional world into the real world.

One night, Chu decides to follow the heroine into the other world…in which she has the experience of real and pure horror!

Review: When seeing trailers for this movie I thought, wow this looks amazing. So you knew I would have been looking forward to watch this movie. This movie has stunning graphics, sets, scenery and characters, but it some how manages to be pretty crap. Okay crap is too strong a term.

Watching the movie at first it seemed alright, but then film introduced the annoying ‘scary girl with long black hair’, yes the same character that can be seen in The Ring trilogy, The Grudge movies, Dark Water and so on. It has now became a curse on horror movies, people will not enjoy horror movies if you keep making the scary little asian children as the evil spirits.

The film does have some good parts to it, like the relationship between Chu Xun and the little girl, Ting Yu. The stunning computer graphics, the amazing cinematography, hell the movie even has Zombies! But it’s just so damn confusing and strange! On minute she’s running up hill, the next she’s fallen into a tunnel made up of ‘aborted’ childen, which is a little sick in my books, I felt a little bit ill watching that giant baby thing, eww yuck!

Apperances include a aging Lau Siu-Ming (most people will remember him from the Chinese Ghost Story movies as the Old Dame). Siu-Ming apperances as this mysterious old man who tells Lee that she shouldn’t be in this world. Lawerence Chou makes brief apperances Lee’s agent. Rain Li makes a short appearance as her mate and sister of her ex-lover.

Final thoughts, the film does have some heart, the CGI in the movie is amazing it has some great fantasy/supernatural sets, but the Pang brothers have chosen Style over Substance and it shows.

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