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Peace Hotel (1995)

Plot (Optimum Asia): Chow (Hard Boiled, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) plays a legendary killer who slaughters his entire gang after the death of his wife. As penance, he opens the Peace Hotel, a sanctuary for criminals, seedy characters and anyone seeking safety. As long as patrons can make their way to the hotel, they are allowed to stay indefinitely and The Killer guarantees their protection.

After several peaceful years, an arrogant female thief (Cecilia Yip) telling outlandish lies barges into the hotel – with an angry posse hot on her heels. The posse accuses the woman of murdering their chief and vows to attack the hotel unless the woman gives herself up. Torn between his golden rule of never asking anyone to leave and his vow to protect the patrons of his haven, The Killer prepares for a blazing showdown.

Review: Now this is not bad film, although it is pretty strange. The action scenes in the movie are quite good, examples is the gun fight with Chow Yun-Fat and the gangsters in his hotel, the part where he slides down the ladder firing the gun could easily be compared to his slide down the staircase in Hard Boiled.

The film even has some comedy elements in it, mainly when Cecilia Yip is playing everyone with his lies and how Chow Yun-Fat can see through each and every story she tells and he probably gives her a good slap around about 6 or 7 times in the film.

I must mention I also enjoyed the haunting music in the movie, it really sets the tones for each scene and obviously shows Chow Yun-Fat’s character in a dark light then he is portrayed in.

Now at first I did find Cecilia Yip quite annoying, but I feel this is just her swindling character rather than her – herself. I loved the chemistry between her and Chow Yun-Fat in Hong Kong 1941 as well as this movie.

Notable Appearances, we’ll for starts we have Wu Chien-Lien making a short appearance at the start as ‘The Killers’ wife. Lau Shun plays one of the hotel residence, one of the three blind men and Shing Fui-On doesn’t have any talking lines in this film, he just stands in the background wearing an eye patch.

Final thoughts, probably the only Chinese Western I’ve ever seen and heck It wasn’t half bad either.

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