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My Young Auntie (1981)

When a young widow, Jing Dai Nan (Kara Hui) goes across sea to meet her nephew and discuss her late husbands estate. She soon finds out that her nephew, Yu Jing Chuen (Liu Chia-Liang) is actually twice her age!

Jing Chuen’s son, Ah Tao (Hsiao Ho) an arrogant and cocky student who has just started his summer break. He spent his time in school learning English (even giving him the English name of Charlie Yu) and adapting with western traditions. When he returns home to find Dai-Nan, he believed that she was his fathers mistress and boy is he sorry when he finds out its his great aunt!

Yes a Shaw Brothers Kung Fu flick, quite different than the norm don’t you think. We get to see many things in the film. We get to see Kill Bill star Gordon Lui play an English teacher called James. Gordon even sings Rose Rose, I love you (also sang in Miracles by Anita Mui). We even get to see Robin Hood battle the three musketeers! A great introduction to the genre of Old School Kung Fu flicks in My Opinion.

Of course a Lui Chia-Liang film wont be complete with out some top notch martial arts, the martial arts is mainly shown around Hsiao Ho and Kara Hui. Although Liu Chia-Liang shines brightly at the end with his amazing skills against the enemy, Wang Lung Wei. The martial arts in the movie are grounded (no use of wires, well not that I can tell of) and its very cool, Kara Hui seems to be one of the best traditional Kung Fu stars of her day, yet she is still on the big screen, she might not be doing martial arts but she is act, the latest film that comes to mind of Jiang Hu (2004).

Final thoughts, My Young Auntie is a delightful piece of comedy mixed with some traditional Kung Fu showing off his cast excellently. So if your in the mood for a good of Kung Fu flick from the early 80’s you’ll enjoy this film. If you’re a big fan of Liu Chia-Liang you should have already seen it! Just Kidding, just make sure you add it to your wish list.

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