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Mr. Vampire 3 (1987)


When a Taoist Conman, Ming (Richard Ng) comes to town, he is confronted by a another Taoist Priest (Lam Ching-Ying) and his group witch hunters. The Taoist Priest has little time to explain their current situation when a group of horse ridden Witches storm through the village killing its towns people. The Taoist Priest mange’s to contain two of these ghastly bandits. Now the two priests join forces and plan on stopping this evil witch once and for all.

Ming a Taoist Conman, as stated above. He cons people by making false exorcisms, with the ghosts of his two cousins. Upon the opening of the film we see him working his magic against a couple of punters, but they really where Ghosts so Ming finds out. Yes, he finds out the hard way. Ming decides to take refuge in the nearby town with the Taoist Priest, but the priest assistant, Chiang (Billy Lau) doesn’t like him one bit…

The Master Taoist Priest (Lam Ching-Ying) knows how to handle these situations. We can same Lam Ching-Ying has master the role of Taoist Priest. Through many scenes in the film, the master is always pretty cool and calm, compared to Ming that is. We even get to see The Masters birthday, with special guests including, Teddy Yip, Sammo Hung, Corey Yuen Kwai & Wu Ma (who has starred in every Mr. Vampire film).

We can even see the master performing a impressive kick in the opening battle against the ghastly bandits, you see The Master run up the back of the enemy and launching off from him with a stiff kick.

The Captain, Chiang (Billy Lau) plays the devious sidekick of The Master. He seems to feel threatened by Mings presence. So he attempts to show him who’s boss, but Ming’s two ghostly cousins showed him up big time. Although Chiang gets his revenge back… After finding out if you wear tar you become invincible to demons, Chiang doesn’t hesitate in getting his revenge!

Final thoughts, this is a excellent movie, a worthy addition to the series. With Richard Ng providing great comic relief, Lam Ching-Ying showing some seriousness, but still cool. Also this movie has stronger violence than the others. This film is a fab film, even better you dont even need to have seen the first two to enjoy it.

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