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Mighty Baby (2002)


Plot: Johnny (Lau Ching-Wan) and the ‘La Brassiere’ gang return for more sticky situations.

Johnny and Lena (Gigi Leung) have been hired by the president of a Japanese baby production company known as ‘B&B’, the wealthy Japanese business man has bought the when he discovers that his wife is pregnant. It’s now up to Johnny and Lena to design and produce the very best baby product that money can buy.

Johnny seeks help from his old buddy Wayne (Louis Koo). Wayne is a little bit of a playboy but he finds himself happy with his current girlfriend and now work colleague – Lena. He loves her despite her little quirks (her frequent use of the phrase “Huh” and late in the movie “Grr…like this”).

The three amigos admit they don’t really know the first about babies so they decide to hire Japans leading baby expert – Boey (Cecilia Cheung). Boey has a special talent which allows her to communicate with the babies. She also wants to help cure Wayne’s fear of babies.

Johnny finds himself in need of a personal assistant so he hires the clumsy and breathless – Sabrina (Rosamund Kwan). At first both he and Wayne made fun of the poor woman until loving flame ignites between the two. Problems occur when Johnny’s ex-girlfriend Samantha (Carina Lau) returns to the scene.

With relationships on the fritz and the all their test projects going horribly wrong, can the group sort everything out in time?

Review: When looking at this movie I really hadn’t had idea of what this was, I didn’t even realize it was a sequel to some other flick. All I knew was the cast and the fact that it was called Mighty Baby, I had conjured up thoughts of flying infants dressed in superman costumes, most likely beating up Louis Koo and Lau Ching-Wan. That to me sounded like the ultimate cheese-fest! So I started to watch the movie with low expectation and actually found the film quite charming, well apart from the rather bizarre and cheesy moments, I knew there would be some.

Probably the weirdest moments of the movie have to include Lau Ching-Wan eating this CGI molding gel, Louis Koo’s back flip attempting to save the flying child, the purple womb thing bouncy up and between buildings. Yet probably the most cheesiest and embarrassing moments of the film is when Lau Ching-Wan and Louis Koo are dressed like babies, walking around in baby strollers and having their heads supper imposed on childrens bodies, which gave me brief reminder of the Wayne’s Brothers latest cinematic flop ‘Little Man’, thankfully Mighty Baby is a lot better.

The cast really make this movie good, two strong leading men, Koo and Lau. Three stunning female leads, Gigi, Cecilia and the fine Rosamund. There is also a far amount of notable cameo’s which are a rather fun. Chapman To makes an appearance as a young cop in the movie who is obsessed with Andy Lau, which is quiet amusing actually. Vincent Kok makes an appearance as a doctor called ‘Dr. Ringo Li’, I’m too sure if that’s a play off of Ringo Lam or not. Dragon Tiger Gate director Wilson Yip makes a cameo appearance as a cop too. Oh yeah there’s plenty of babies in this movie and they managed to more adorable and funny rather than annoying, good for them!

Final thoughts, fun, wacky and worth a watch! Enjoy!

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