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House of Flying Daggers (2004)


Amongst ending of the Tang Dynasty, General Officers, Jin (Takashi Kaneshiro) and Leo (Andy Lau) are put on a case to capture the leader of the notorious ‘House Of Flying Daggers’. ‘House of Flying Daggers’ is a group of highly skilled martial artists who are significantly known by their nifty little daggers.

Officer Jin is sent undercover to the peony pavilion (the local exotic dance club). When there he meets Mei (Zhang Ziyi) a blind dancer, but she can still bust a move! Leo appears at the peony as a strict cop who has Jin arrested After the local officers put Mei in custody, Jin stays undercover and decides to break her free and lead her to the woods, hoping she will lead him to the den of the Flying Daggers.

In 2002 Zhang Yimou unleashed his martial arts epic ‘Hero’, showing Jet Li could still bust a move since his American flicks. Although Yimou told people that ‘Hero’ was just the beginning, his next project would be bigger and better, his next project was ‘The House Of Flying Daggers’. House Of Flying Daggers was taken in a different direction from Hero, Hero had the Art House feeling around it, where Daggers was taken in the romantic tragedy side of things.

Now the action is phenomenal, some great wire work and CGI put together. Some of the great fights include Takashi Kaneshiro saving Zhang Ziyi from a group officers attempting to arrest her or Zhang Ziyi fighting the officers from all directions and having spears of bamboo flung at her. Of course the final duel between Takashi Kaneshiro and Andy Lau, some real impressive action, truly awesome fight scenes, Ching Siu-Tung should be proud.

This will also be known as the last movie of Anita Mui, she lost her fight with cancer whilst in the making of the movie, Yimou in a sign of respect decided to edit her story and footage out of the movie.

Now the question that many peopled asked about this film, “Is it better than Hero?”. I truly enjoy both of them on their own levels. Hero for its stunning cast and great fights and storyline. Daggers for its also stunning action and story, plus having the chance to see it on the big screen and that made the movie twice as good!

Final thoughts, phenomenal, kick ass and another fine edition to the glorious history of asian cinema.

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