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Heroes of the East (1978)


Ah To (Gordon Liu) is a young kung fu enthusiast, who was put into an arrange married when he was born. His partner is a beautiful Japanese martial artist who seems like the perfect wife.

Until he finds out she is quite arrogant when it comes comparing Japanese martial arts to the chinese style. She wants to show that Japanese are the best at martial arts and the Chinese just copied them.

This leads to Ah To and Kung Zi (his missus) decide to spar to settle the argument. Ah To out stages her using his excellent martial arts. Kung Zi act like a bad loser and ends up fleeing back to Japan.

Ah To writes to Zi and asks her to return to China. He wishes to challenge her once again to prove that the Chinese are better when it comes to Kung Fu, if he loses he shall admit defeat.

Although Kung Zi’s friend, Takeno (Yasuaki Kurata) is ninjitsu expert and is highly offended by Ah To’s thoughts on Japanese martial arts and insists on challenging Ah To and showing him whose the supreme martial-artist. Takeno travels to Japan with seven other masters of the Japanese arts, skills include; Spear, Sai, Judo, Karate etc.

Ah To is now faced with this challenge to defeat every one of these masters including Takeno…

Liu Chia-Liang works his magic once again! The classic old story of the Chinese vs. Japanese, but Chia-Liang manages this movie to keep you interested for the entire 100 minutes.

Chia-Liang himself makes a cameo appearance as the Drunken Beggar So (famously played by Simon Yuen in Drunken Master)! Simon Yuen also makes appearance as one of Ah To’s Kung Fu teachers.

As you can expect the action is top notch and flawless!

Final Thoughts, Heroes Of The East is one of the best Kung Fu Movies from the late 70’s, enjoy!

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