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Fulltime Killer (2001)


O (Takashi Sorimachi) is a well known and feared assassin. He’s known to be the number one throughout Asia. After the horrid accident of loosing his love, Nacy. O becomes isolated and lonely. O soon hires a women to (whom works in a video store) clean his apartment. The women, Chin (Kelly Lin) has never met her new boss, every week she comes to this apartment and finds a list of chores left for her.

One day Chin meets a mysterious person in her video store, he always rents the same movies and he always wears masks of US Presidents. She soon confronts this man and asks why does he do this, he gives her a simple answer and then asks her out. Strangely enough Chin agrees to go out with him. This mystery man turns out to be a reckless assassin named, Lau Tok-Wah (Andy Lau). Chin isn’t startled by his living and she is even intrigued.

Tok has a strong ambition on becoming the number one assassin in Asia and he knows who to beat to get there… Now Tok is taking up all these simple jobs and completing them thoughtlessly and brutally. He soon finds out that a determined cop named Lee (Simon Yam) is doing all in his power to stop Tok even if it means he goes insane trying…

Whilst a duel becomes between Tok and O with Chin dragged into the middle and in the end there can only be one No. 1

Boy, what a dark, gritty flick this is. The main cast were is well picked, they suited their roles perfectly. I was very impressed with Andy Lau and Simon Yam. Andy seemed very capable of playing a rebellious assassin. Simon Yam surprised me mainly with his acting as his character turned insane and also for him speaking surprisingly good English. Takashi Sorimachi gave me a good first impression as well as both Kelly Lin & Cherrie Ying!

The film has some striking and gritty action which works well with the film. I know this review may seem petite, but it sends the message that the film is Dark, Gritty & Worth a watch! Enjoy!

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