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Fong Sai-Yuk II (1993)

Plot: The leader of the Red Flower Society – Chan Jianlo (Adam Cheng) discovers that he is of royal blood, relating himself to the emperor, but there’s no evidence apart from a sacred box contanining the proof that he needs, but the box was seized from him by the Japanese when he was child. With the Japanese returning the box to the Emperor, Chan sends a group members from the Red Flower Society to retrive the box before the Emperor could get his hands on it.

The plan goes wrong when ‘green’ member Fong Sai-Yuk (Jet Li) tries to warn a young woman of the dangers ahead, but she happens to be Emperors daughter – leading the Japanese. During the battle, the Emperors daughter falls for Sai-Yuk and the Japanese get away the box. The Society send Sai-Yuk into competition to win the hand of the Emperors daughter, once winning the competition Sai-Yuk must retrive the box for Chan or else he will have all his Kung Fu destroyed!

Review: Now this to me as actually a difficult film to review, mainly because of the many subplots and which I should mention in the plot etc. There is the story of corruption in the Red Flower Society led by Mr. Yu. There is the history between Corey Yuen-Kwai and Joshpine Siao’s characters and the strain on Sai-Yuk’s marriage when he wed’s the Emperors daughter.

Now this film would be my first Hong Kong Jet Li film I had ever seen before (Early on I had seen Kiss of the Dragon and The One), I bought a ex-rental VHS of the UK Dubbed edition which was retitled ‘The Legend’, Obivously I was wow’d by the over the top action, funny dubbing and the great fight scenes. Three years later I finally buy the Universe HK DVD, when watching I noticed quiet a difference from the start of the movie, alot of extra footage from the first movie (shown in a black & white type effect), footage of scenery, Sai-Yuk riding horses, Sai-Yuks mother working about her house and a Sai-Yuk’s mother reading a poem in the opening scenes.

This still remains as one of my favourite Jet Li films, actually most if not all of Jet Li’s films are all really good, maybe that’s why he is a big star? Duh!

Notable appearances, well the only ones that stand out are Sai-Yuk’s mothers bumbling side kick – Macu, aka Peter Chan Lung. He has alot less screen time than he did in the first movie. The thing I always find strange about the movie is where they came up with the idea to bring back Peters character from the Prodigal Son movie? Maybe it was a idea from Yuen-Kwai or even a suggestion from the man Peter Chan himself?

Final thoughts an easily loved Jet Li film, over the top action doesn’t spoil the movie it makes it even better!

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