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Fighting for Love (2001)


Plot: Restaurant owner Veg Cheung (Tony Leung) finds himself one day delivering his mother and sister to the hospital, on his journy there his car is struck by a ill tempered driver, Deborah (Sammi Cheng). Deborah drives off leaving Cheung with a broken side-mirror, Cheung not letting this woman off easy he peruses her and finally catches up. Deborah puts up a strong front and refuses to pay to for the damage. Cheung returns the favour by kicking in her car door (busting a toe in the process), the police arrive and tell them both off. They exchange contact numbers and arrange a time and place to sort things out.

Meeting in a club the two enemies suddenly become friends after drinking vast amounts of alcohol, they then end up spending the night together. Cheung doesn’t want to start a relationship with Deborah since he’s already linked with TV Personality Micky (Niki Chow).

Deborah ends up having the week from hell when she looses her job and looses her fathers pet dog “Happy”, loosing her fathers only companion he boots her out. Deborah finds herself sleeping on hospital floors beside her sister. When at hospital she meets Cheung once again, after hearing about her situation Cheung offers her to come to his place for the time being…

Review: Tony Leung and Sammy Cheng get teamed up as a mismatched couple who go from enemys to lovers in Joe Ma’s 2001 romantic comedy.

I must admit this is a nice light-hearted movie, I’m not a fan of all romantic-comedies, some are just plain and rather boring, I won’t say which. The on screen chemistry between Tony Leung and Sammi Cheng is delightful, even in the most different situations. Examples include; Tony kicking in Sammi’s car door in, another good scene is where Tony and Sammi go to a rival restuarant to order bull organs. There is also the “Riches to Rags” situation with Sammi where she goes from her high class job to a scrubber in Tony’s resurant.

I must admit I find Tony Leungs on-screen family in the movie are amazingly annoying, I’m quiet upset there wasn’t a mass-murder or a bomb was dropped on them, oh well we can’t get everything can we? Niki Chow’s character becomes quiet the bitch, she ends up having a little verbal spare with Sammi Cheng towards the end of the movie.

Notable apperances includes Joe Lee as restuarant owner, actor only known as Sammy plays Tony Leungs younger and annoying brother and Ha Ping plays Tony Leung’s mother, I think…

Final thoughts, a harmless romantic comedy, which is quiet a touching story actually, Enjoy!

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