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Fight Back to School (1991)


Plot: Star Chow (Stephen Chow) is a SDU leader of the Hong Kong Police, highly skilled with his guns and fighting ability, but knows very little about team work. Because of his lack of teamwork, there is no other option than fire him. Chow begs for a second chance and ends up taking a very different assignment than usual.

He has to go undercover in a college to find the whereabouts of a stolen pistol. The reason why he believes it maybe at the college is because a school trip took place the day it disappeared. However instead of going undercover as a teacher, Chow is going undercover as a student!

Review: Stephen Chow tackles the life of a student in this wacky comedy.

Now the cast includes Ng Man-Tat, as Chow’s sidekick, who is trying to quit smoking so he is seen ‘smoking’ various substitutes, like a toothbrush or a piece of wood (which he some how manages to smoke!).

Chow’s main teacher, Miss Ho (Sharla Cheung) becomes Chows love interest and gives him the motivation to pass his classes. She even offers him after school tutoring.

Chow’s classmate Turtle Wong is the stereotypical class geek, who copies his homework for other students and pays off the bullies to leave him alone. But things change when Chow steps in.

Roy Cheung makes an appearance as Big Teddy, a local triad boss whose younger brother is a student in Chow’s class. As you can guess they are the main culprits for taking the gun.

Story? Sure it’s a little far fetched, but the movie is entertaining, seeing Stephen Chow being battered with a handful of chalk dusters or standing up to the class bullies! Ng Man-Tat even brings many comedy elements to the film; pretending to have Parkinson’s Disease so he doesn’t have to work hard, helping Sing cheat on his exam and so on.

The film picks up the story in the last half where Sing steals a truck load of guns from Teddy Big and Teddy retaliates by going to the college and holding Sings classmates as hostages. This requires Chow to kick some butt!

Final Thought, a great wacky comedy the chemistry between Stephen Chow and Ng Man-Tat is excellent as usual. Another classic Chow Sing-Chi movie! Enjoy!!

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