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Casino (1998)

Plot (Mei Ah): It was the summer of 1991, Macau was in violent atmosphere. The two major triad gangs, separately by Giant (Simon Yam) and Ping (Ng Chi-Hung), were fighting for the control of the local casinos, with heavy casualties on both sides. The citizens live in fear.

However, Ping did not regard Giant as a rival. To establish his own reputation, Giant challenged Ping to an open battle which allowed their fellow attacking each other for a period of seven days to see that who will be severely defeated. With the support of an affiliated gang headed by Lee, Giant won the battle and made his mark in the triad world.

Ping plotted a revenge against Giant that he bribed the police officer to put Giant on the “wanted” list. Although Giant was in critical condition, he planned a counter attack against Ping which caused a series of street fighting in Macau…

Review: I bought this movie under what they call is a ‘Blind Buy’, that is basically buying a movie without knowing the slightest about it apart from the faces on the cover and your own thoughts of what it could be. So for this movie I thought, Simon Yam, Alex Fong and some sort of Triad like story. Sure I was right, but heck I found it a bit boring.

As you expect the movie is filled with over crowded gang fights with shakey camera work. These fights consist of say 60% of the film, but It was just boring. The triad lackys spend their times in street fights trying to gain face, while all the higher members spend their time shouting down brick sized mobile phones, it seems rather…cliche.

This movie was based on the life of famous Macau gangster ‘Broken Tooth Kuo’, although he was renamed ‘Giant’ due to the tall Yam. Simon Yam and Alex Fong both deliver strong performances, flawless as you can expect. There’s also a nice little twist at the end of the movie.

Final Thoughts, Not Bad, Not Good, Just Meh!

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