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Boxers Story (2004)

Plot: Wah (Yuen Biao) in his prime was a boxing champion, seven years later all he thinks about now is returning to the ring and regaining his championship belt. Wah isn’t as fit as he used to be, he’s gotten himself into some nasty habits, smoking, drinking, gambling and he’s run up a serious amount of debt. Wah is now a single father with a seven year old son, he loves his son – Henry Henry’s mother Susan (Gloria Yip) left Wah and Henry to focus on her career and she married to a rich doctor and lives in a pretty swanky mansion.

Wah now spends his days working in a local car repair garage with his buddy Wayne (Chin Kar-Lok). Although his mind still wonders to the Boxing Ring, when things start to get tough with Debt Collectors and Susan returning to the scene, could Wah really make back onto the Boxing career he once had?

Review: The first thing you will notice about this movie is it’s quality. It looks more like a old TV drama, I’m guessing this never had a cinema release, so I’m just thinking of it as one of these TV Movies.

Yuen Biao’s acting skills still haven’t faded, he’s good. Gloria Yip also does a good job. Now the son can be a bit annoying at times, just really whiney and always refares to his dad as ‘Wah’, which is a little silly.

Action-wise, with Chin Kar-Lok at the helm I expected it to be good, although it’s really iffy. When Biao first gets down to fisty cuffs the film goes all quick and jumpy, like in a slow motion type effect. Later in the boxing scenes it usually consists of close up shots of the opponents eyes, then it’ll zoom out and they’ll box, it isn’t that bad, I don’t doubt Chin Kar-Lok he’s done some great stuff over the years and many people are rating his work in ‘The Dragon Squad’.

Guest appearances, well for being a TV Movie we get a couple decent appearances, we get to see Eric Tsang towards the end of the movie playing ‘Wu’ an old boxing buddy of Yuen Biaos. Lam Suet makes a couple of appearances as Biao’s coach.

Final Thoughts, average movie, aging cast, still worth at least one watch! Enjoy!

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