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Beyond Our Ken (2004)


Plot: Shirley (Hong Tao) a karaoke waitress leads a perfectly normal love life with her fireman boyfriend – Ken (Daniel Wu). One day she is confronted by Chan Wai-Ching (Gillian Chung), Ching is Ken’s ex-girlfriend.

She tells her Shirley that Ken is a bad guy. She tell’s her when they were a couple, Ken took nude photographs of her. Soon after taking the pictures he dumps her and posts the photograph’s over the internet. This soon get’s out of control when it turns out that those photo’s caused Ching to loose her job as a teacher.

Ching no longer cares about Ken, but she want’s those photo’s back, She convinces Shirley to help her sneak into Ken’s apartment and destroy these photo’s which are stored on his computer. Shirley agree’s to help as she feel’s she might be led down the path.

Together they plot against Ken and it only looks like they’ve skimmed the surface.

Review: Pang Ho-Cheung dazzle’s us with this dark story of innocent girls showing their dark side’s against pig of a boy friend.

Gillian Chung gives us an amazing performance, completely flawless. Hong Tao was also perfect for her role. Pang took a chance with Gillian Chung and it paid off. Daniel Wu also manages to pull off a great performance too.

This movie was filmed in the same year of Stephen Fung’s ‘House of Fury’, where both Daniel Wu and Gillian Chung played a picture perfect couple. Daniel Wu being a little angel and Chung being an innocent little princess. Compared to this movie it’s like the story has been flipped around and spiced up!

Final thoughts, I loved the story, it’s well paced and it has some wonderful twists towards the end of the movie. Another great piece of work from Pang Ho-Cheung.

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