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Aces Go Places 4 (1986)


Plot: A Professor in New Zealand has created this new prism which gives the ability to erase the human mind and then input new data into the brain, King Kong (Sam Hui) is their Guinea pig for this experiment. Things go wrong, as the prism appears to have no effect on King Kong. But before the Professor can uncover the problem a group of armed men blast their way in and attempt to steal the prism. However, they only get away with the professor’s notes.

Things take a turn for the worse when the professor has a heart attack. In a frantic search for the professor’s pills, King Kong accidentally steps on the last pill. Since the Professor knows he’s doomed he tells Kong that he has to take his daughter (Sally Yeh) as his wife and to guard the prism from the enemy!

King Kong barely escapes New Zealand. He returns to Hong Kong where he discovers that Albert (Karl Maka) is taking part in a Hong Kong Police vs. Interpol Hockey Match. Things aren’t looking too good as the Police are losing points and players, so they decide to send King Kong in to help. As you can expect the pair clean the rink and win the game too!

Kong tells Albert to protect the prism at all costs, as soon as Kong finishes that sentence they are once again under attack from the gang from New Zealand. But both Kong and Albert escape in one piece.

When all seems to be over Albert’s wife, Nancy (Sylvia Chiang) is beaten and abducted leaving Albert and his son only a few days to return to New Zealand with the Prism If not – he wont see his wife again!

Review: Ringo Lam takes over the director’s chair for the fourth in the series, which is a pretty damn good movie!

The movie has plenty of great scenes, which kept me entertained; examples: the reintroduction of Baldy Jr. who actually holds his dad at gunpoint shouting, “I want toys!” The scenes where the bad guys both attack Sylvia, giving her one hell of a beating, and then chase Baldy Jr. to the roof where he falls off it! But don’t worry he survives.

The Opening Chase between Sam Hui and the enemy in New Zealand is quite cool; I couldn’t take my eyes of the screen! There is also a good bought in the Hockey changing rooms, Sam Hui shows off some really cool moves. In past movies I didn’t think much of Sam’s fighting skills, but I was surprisingly corrected upon viewing this movie.

This movie also gave me the chance to gain more respect to Karl Maka as he participates in one hell of a stunt. With at least 1/2 of his body engulfed in strong fire, he burns for at least a minute! In the outtakes at the end of the movie you see the full shot, where I actually think he passes out and crew run in to put the fire out.

I also found Baldy Jr great in this movie, I’m surprised at what a good comedy actor this child is for his age, at points I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at most the scenes the child is in.

Guest Appearances? Well there is a nifty one from Kwan Tak-Hing and Shek Kin as the Ice Hockey Coaches. This just makes more references to the past Wong Fei Hong movies where the duo were always enemies. The same sort of thing happens in Sammo Hung’s Millionaire’s Express.

The main bad guy is another rip off of a bad guy from another successful american movie, this time they have Ronald Lacey – reprising his role from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark!

Thoughts? This is probably the best of the series so far! I recommend it to all!!

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