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Abnormal Beauty (2004)

abnormal-beautyPlot: Jiney (Race Wong) a young photography student finds herself uninspired when it comes to taking photographs anymore. Until one day, when she is walking home and witnesses a car accident. She suddenly has a sudden urge of inspiration as she begins to take photographs of a woman who was killed in the crash.

With her new found fascination for death, her girlfriend Jas (Rosanne Wong) finds this new inspiration worrying, even to the point where she finds Jiney swinging from the railing of a tenement building, questioning suicide.

With Jiney’s new obsession, it isn’t long before she has a mental break down…

With the loving support of Jas, Jiney is put back on the right track. Until one night where Jiney finds a mysterious video tape left on her doorstep. Out of curiosity Jiney watches it.

Jiney is horrified to see a woman being beaten to death by a man with a pipe. Jiney contacts the police, but the video tape isn’t enough evidence. Until one night where Jiney finds another video tape on her doorstep accompanied by Jas’s mobile phone.

Review: Ab-Normal Beauty shows that Oxide Pang can still inject fear into the viewer. I found myself shouting out at the TV “Open The Door!!!”.

The film does take a different turn in storylines going from a young woman’s obsession with death to the young woman being stalked by a mystery killer. This turn in story had a ‘Marmite’ effect on the audience – Some love it and some hate it.

This movie had a suprisingly fresh cast, Rosanne and Race Wong (aka Pop Duo ‘R2′) and Anson Leung have all been in the indursty for a little time but have shown they could handle the complicated roles they were given. A noticeable, but brief appearance was from Ekin Cheng. Ekin Cheng played the driver to whom was in the car accident at the beginning of the movie. This scene had actaully linked in with another movie made that year.

“Leave Me Alone’ directed by Oxide Pangs twin brother Danny. Both Ekin Cheng and Charlene Choi were leads in that movie. One scene involed Ekin Cheng’s character getting into a car carsh, killing a woman. This was the woman that Race’s character took photographs of. I guess it was just another crafty idea from the Pang Brothers.

Final Thoughts – a fresh story for the supense horror genre, worth a look! Yet the stalker was predictable, well to me it was.

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