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A.V. (2005)


Plot: Chi-On (Lawerance Chou), Fatty (Jeffery Chow), Band Aid (Derek Tsang) and Jason (Wong Yau-Nam) are four university students who spend their days playing various sports and hanging around cafes. One day they are told one of their buddies ‘Lok’ (Tsui Tin-Yau) has been kicked out of the university. The four friends find out that Lok, who was film student, had convinced a beautiful young student to star in his movie, the movie consisted of him and her, making out in a elevator. Lok was manipulating hot girls into making out with him. The four friends figure out that this is actually a really good idea, Lok’s films he just lies back and lets the girl kiss him, no more. The four decide that they should make a movie where the woman will go all the way with them.

The four teenagers managed to raise enough cash (from student loans and government grants) to higher a Japanese AV Actress (Porn Star). They’ll convince her and her manager that they produce pornographic films and they want their Japanese actress to star in them. But they are only wanting sleep with this Japanese porn star. Naughty Naughty!

Review: Pang Ho-Cheung tackles another dark subject in AV, past movies Pang showed us four men determined to cheat on their wifes, two girls plot revenge against their piggish boyfriend and two men making movies of real-life assassinations. Now its four University students make porno!

To be honest I find this film to be a weak link compared to Pangs other work. But the film does have plenty of good bits, Fatty being the ‘sacrifice’ during the BB-Gun game, Band-Aids blow-job story, Chi-On and Band-Aid snorting ‘coke’ and various cameo’s from Pang regulars. Oh yeah and some Japanese boobs too.

Many directors are faced with a tricky situation when they are casting young actors, obviously young actors aren’t experienced as the older ones, but I must say I found most of them flawless, the character ‘Lok’, I don’t think he was right for his role, he seemed to be portrayed as a Wong Kar-Wai type personality, but he just seemed to uncomfortable in his role. Also the actor that plays ‘The Uncle’ (Jimmy Chim, I think, don’t quote me) is terrible, his English is broken and distorted, basically it’s bloody annoying.

Guest appearances include Eric Kot as a government interviewer, Cheung Tat-Ming as the warehouse owner, Hui Shiu-Hung as the University Professor and Chin Kar-Lok makes an appearance as Martial Arts Choreographer.

Final thoughts, decent movie with some good twists, its worth watching in my opinion.

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