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2 Young (2005)


Plot: The life’s of two young teenagers – Fu (Jaycee Chan) and Nam (Fiona Sit) lives could be more different. Fu comes from a poor working class family, his mother work two jobs, his father works as a mini bus driver and yet they could only afford to life in a small flat in a large tenement building. Where as Nam is the daughter of a wealthy barrister, he and his wife spend all their time away on business leaving Nam in the care of their servants.

Both of their lives suddenly change when they begin dating. Nam’s parents disapprove of Fu thinking that he’s only after one thing. Yet the opposite happens Fu introduces Nam to his parents, they are so proud that their son has found a lovely young lady to court.

When Fu and Nam go camping to celebrate the new year and they both get drunk. One thing leads to another and Nam falls pregnant. As you can expect both families are furious at them. Nam’s father orders her to move to America and have an abortion, but she refuses. Both Nam and Fu decide to run away and attempt to live life on their own without support from their families. With money running low and Nam getting more pregnant by the day you can tell right away this wont be easy.

Review: Derek Yee pleases his audience once again with this touching story about teenage pregnancy and how it ruins the life of the careless.

Derek made a wise choice for choosing Eric Tsang and Anthony Wong as the teenager’s fathers. Also Teresa Mo and Yu On-On also made lovely mothers. But Tsang and Wong did steal the show, playing complete opposite characters. Wong acting like a right bastard and Tsang the hard working bumbling fool. Trust me you’ll love his reaction when finds out about the pregnancy!

Yee also took a leap of faith by putting his trust into two novice actors, Jaycee Chan and Fiona Sit. Jaycee Chan had already made an impression on the Hong Kong Cinema scene with his role in Twins Effect 2, although having not seen TE:2, I’ve yet to comment whether his performance as any good or not. Fiona Sit was wonderful, she made the perfect innocent little girl etc.

Notable appearance? Plenty of them! Derek Yee’s brother – David Chiang makes an appearance as the Judge, Chin Kar-Lok makes an appearance as Anthony Wong’s lawyer, Chan Chi-Fai makes an appearance as a Mini-Bus Driver, Lam Suet as the head master of the boys school, also Lam Suet’s on-screen wife from One Nite in Mongkok makes an appearance as the headmaster of the girls school. Other appearances the stand out are Henry Fong’s, he plays Fu’s boss at the Gas Cylinder shop and Hui Shiu-Hung makes regular appearances as Anthony Wong’s driver/servant.

Final thoughts, Derek Yee has managed to please me once again with this wonderful little movie, the film is well paced, not once did I feel bored watching and I even got a laugh at the ‘3 Mobile’ advertisement at the end of movie, god knows why they put it there.

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