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Tag: Yu Rong Guang

The Karate Kid (2010)

Being a child trying to fit in to a crowd can be a bit tedious, but when you’ve moved from America to China , fitting in is almost impossible when you show off to the wrong crowd. Our victim is Dre Parker, he moved with his mother when she was relocated in her job.

After being constantly being hounded and beaten by bullies in his school, he is saved by the local handy man, Mr. Han. Mr. Han confronts the bullies teacher and the two agree that the children will settle their differences in a Open Kung Fu Tournament. Han agrees to train Dre and Dre soon finds himself helping Hans troubled pass… Read More

Mulan: Warrior Princess (2009)

Set in period China, our story revolves around Hua Mulan (Vicki Zhao), a young tomboy, rather than looking for a husband, she has spent her life learning martial arts. When the emperor orders all able men to enlist in the army, Mulan discusses  takes the place of her ill father (Yu Rong-Guang).

Mulan is accompanied by her childhood friend Tiger (Jaycee Chan), the two befriend General Wentai (Chen Kun). Wentai discovers that Mulan is a woman and tries to convince her to leave, but after Mulan saves his life, the two become a unstoppable duo that quickly rise amongst the ranks of the army as they battle against the deadly Rouran hordes! Read More

Big Bullet (1996)

Plot: Good cop Bill Zhu (Lau Ching-Wan) finds himself being demoted after quarling with fellow sergant, sleaze ball Guan (Berg Ng). Bill is left in charge of a group EU (Emergency Unit) misfits, a story telling veteran (Spencer Lam), by-the-books cadet with family trouble (Jordan Chan), a short tempered woman (Theresa Lee) and a guns expert (Cheung Tat-Ming).

The streets of Hong Kong are left covered in blood when a group of mainland terrorists free thier captive leader, “The Professor” (Yu Rong-Guang). They then go out on a mission to clame the millions of dollars that the Royal Hong Kong Police has taken from them.

With the death of Bill’s ex-supervisor by the Professor, Bill sets out with his group to stop the terrorists before they leave the country. Read More

Project S (1993)


Back Cover Contents: With Jackie Chan making a cameo appearance in a hilarious fight scene (in drag!), the undoubted star of this movie is Michelle Yeoh; James Bond’s latest sidekick in ‘tomorrow never dies’.

Michelle reprises her role as inspector Wah from the awesome ‘police story 3’ and is assigned to Hong Kong to work with the Task Force set up to counter a cross border crime-wave. Read More