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Commentary on Fire 5: Island of Fire (1990) YouTube Edition

We extend our coverage of the Jackie Chan 90s Special (available HERE) with a commentary on the often hated, sometimes hailed ensemble prison drama, co-starring Sammo Hung, Tony Leung and Andy Lau. For shits and giggles, Stoo and Ken decides to NOT prepare with any research. An experiment that may mean our worst commentary yet? If you don’t have the Hong Kong Legends dvd, we offer up the commentary timed to video of the movie so no one is left out. Conveniently arranged in a playlist HERE (that also includes our four previous commentaries), below you’ll see the first out of 10 parts.

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Mismatched Couples COF on YouTube

Legendary Podcast on Fire host Kenneth Brorsson has uploaded our classic Mismatched Couples commentary onto YouTube. I’ve embedded the first part here. Full Playlist can be found here with our Eastern Condors comm, Kens Audio/Video reviews for So Good Reviews and Classic Hong Kong Cinema moments according to the K!

Check it out!

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