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Tag: Yongary

Podcast On Fire Network Bonus Episode 6: Reptilian & Galgameth

Kenny B and Paul Quinn from Hangul Celluloid return for the first of two bonus episodes for Korean Kaiju Week. For this one, the duo review and discuss the remakes of Yongary and Pulgasari: Shim Hyung-rae’s (D-War) Reptilian and Sean McNamara’s Galgameth. Which is worse, Reptilian or Galgy doo-doo?

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What’s Korean Cinema? 5: Yongary & Pulgasari

It’s Korean Kaiju Week  at What’s Korean Cinema! That OTHER Kim Ki-duk and his 1967 event film Yongary and the Kim Jong-il produced Pulgasari are up for examination by Kenny B and special guests Paul Quinn from Hangul Celluloid and Rufus L de Rham of cineAWESOME!. One has a darker behind the scenes tale than the other…guess which?

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Running times:
00m 00s – Intro/Yongary background/Kim Ki-duk bio.
36m 20s – Yongary review
56m 00s – Pulgasari background/n Sang-ok bio
74m 40s – Pulgasari review

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