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The Director’s Series 21: Ringo Lam – Aces Go Places IV

The Aces Go Places series headed into its 4th part with profit as winds in their sails. Assigning Ringo Lam for the big budget, big scope production shot on international locations, for this series… things turn real and violent all of a sudden. This is The Director’s Series on Ringo Lam’s Aces Go Places IV. With Kenny and Tom K-W.

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Running Times:
00m 00s – Intro/City On Fire & Wild Search lookbacks.
14m 08s – Quick-Takes: Undeclared WarPoint Of No Return
31m 21s – Karl Maka biography & discussion
43m 59s – Aces Go Places IV review

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Podcast On Fire 181: Mad Monkey Kung Fu & Wild Search


Let’s take a look at THE Shaw Brothers director that made kung fu comedy great when they attempted to respond to that booming trend. Namely Lau Kar-leung and his Mad Monkey Kung Fu from 1979. Also in this episode, a look at when a Hong Kong director everybody cried for when Quentin Tarantino “took” his movie away from him but when he took someone elses…template himself. We didn’t mind it for Reservoir Dogs vs Ringo Lam’s City On Fire and sure as hell didn’t when Lam made his own take on the Harrison Ford movie Witness in the form of Wild Search from 1989. With Kenny B and Phil G who also recaps his trip to China and meeting Jackie Chan.

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