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Tag: Vampire Season

Podcast on Fire 109: Vampire Season #4 – Mr. Vampire 1992 & Vampire Vs. Vampire (1989)

Welcome back to Vampire Season and we pick up at a point where the series started go stale as we examine Mr. Vampire (YAAAAYYY!)…1992 (BOOO!) Stoo and Ken handle the first half where Stoo also chimes in with his views on 3D Sex And Zen while Tom and David contribute their thoughts on Lam Ching-ying’s directorial debut Vampire Vs. Vampire in the second half. There will be dislikes.

Also remember to check out the Bonus Episode #1 featuring the review of Magic Cop. It’s referenced as a Members Only extra in the first half of the show but it’ll be the debut of the bonus episode format.

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Running times:
00m 00s – Intro/Mr. Vampire 1992 review
53m 10s Vampire Vs. Vampire review

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Podcast on Fire 85: Vampire Season #3 – Mr. Vampire III (1987) & Mr. Vampire Saga 4 (1988)

The ‘Vampire Season’ is growing legs and so was the Hong Kong vampire genre as you’ll find out as Stoo and Ken go in depth on Mr. Vampire III (that took a dark turn) and Mr. Vampire Saga 4 (that took an unexpected casting turn). Note that at the 53 minute 40 second mark there is a stoppage in audio as Ken talks of Loletta Lee and it’ll pick up as he speaks about Chin Kar-lok. This is due to a piece of small audio being lost during recording. Sorry about that.

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Podcast on Fire 81: Vampire Season – Mr. Vampire (1985)

Happy Halloween and we kick off our new series ‘Vampire Season’ with a perfect movie to discuss (and a perfect one for you to watch during Halloween), Ricky Lau’s immortal classic Mr. Vampire. Along with special guest Amber Skowronski, Stoo and Ken take a trip back to first watching the movie, the feelings about the cast and writes another verbal love letter to Lam Ching-ying.

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