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Tag: The Fun The Luck And The Tycoon

Podcast On Fire 303: Election 2 & The Fun, The Luck And The Tycoon

It’s triad election time again, as orchestrated by Johnnie To and with Big Tony out of the way, it’s now Simon Yam vs Louis Koo in Election 2. Also, Coming To America Hong Kong style in the 1990 Chinese new Year comedy The Fun, The Luck And The Tycoon. With Kenny B and Kevin Ma of the East Screen West Screen podcast.

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Running Times:

00m 00s – Intro/Election 2 production background and reception
32m 32s – Election 2 review
69m 30s – The Fun, The Luck And The Tycoon reception
76m 35s – The Fun, The Luck And The Tycoon review

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