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Tag: The Cats Return

The Cats Return (2002)

THE CATS RETURNPlot: When a young school girl called Haru saves a cat from being run over by a truck she finds herself being the receiver of many gifts, although Mice and Cat Tails isn’t to everyone’s taste. These gifts are being presented to her from the King of Cats – King Cat. The little Cat she saved turned out to be his son, Prince Lune.

King Cat decides that Haru would be the perfect bride for his son and summons her to come to the Cat Kingdom. Obviously you can expect that Haru doesn’t want to become the bride of a Cat, even if he’s a prince.

Haru soon confines in the help of two cats from the ‘Cat Bureau’ are of assistance. There is the grumpy fat cat – Muta and the robin hood/Zorro type hero – Baron. They agree to assist her and help her find away out of this contract. Read More